The Nordic Region in Focus

Northern Seafood is an English magazine focusing on seafood from Nordic countries. Some of the topics covered are the great variety of species found in Nordic waters, the opportunities within the region and why the fish and shellfish are among the most sought after in the world.

Target Audience

The target audience of Northern Seafood is decision-makers, buyers and distributors of seafood worldwide. The magazine has 3 editions annually, with a circulation of 8,000 per magazine. The main distribution focus on the largest seafood fairs in the world. In addition, a digital version of Northern Seafood is accessible online.

Importent concepts

Environmental sustainability, quality and health are important areas in today.s seafood market. We intend to focus on the origin of seafood from clean waters, caught by modern vessels, and under regulated conditions that ensure sustainable development and minimal damage on the environment. Another focus area is to highlight the importance of the extensive work done in order to ensure healthy, high-quality food appreciated by consumers around the world. The magazine provides news, in-depth articles and interviews of key profiles within the Nordic region. In this way we aim to keep you updated on the market and attractive products from this part of the world.


Northern Seafood is a magazine with high-quality glossy pages, modern layout and up-to-date content. In collaboration with the seafood industry from northern Europe, we intend to raise awareness of the market and its possibilities, acting as a supporter of seafood from Nordic countries.